Nightshade Leather

Nightshade Leather

Here at Nightshade Leather I strive to provide the best quality leather goods using the best materials and craftsmanship and provide it to you at a reasonable price. * Armor * Fetish Leather * Pouches & Flasks * Hats * Corsets * Accessories Some of my armor is historically-based, and it is made to SCA safety standards for heavy fighters. But you have to look good too! I've got standard armor sets for those who need it all, the various parts for the people who just need to add a few bits, and even accessories for the person who has it all! If you're interested in fantasy armor for your LARP, then I can help you there too! We can do just about anything you can imagine. Take a look at our custom corsets, and some of the photos we have of the custom work we've done. I use oil tanned latigo leather, which is used for high dollar show harness, for most of the items I make. The exceptions are the Musculata and fluted items, or customs like a high Gothic armor.

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