Citizen Cane Chair Restoration

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Citizen Cane Chair Restoration

At Citizen Cane Chair Repair, we restore chairs to their original glory. If you have a wounded and faithful chair, whether one of a kind or part of a set, we will pick it up and make it all better. We offer free pick up and delivery for three or more chairs within 20 miles of us, or you can bring it to us. We do chair caning and rushing. "Caning" is the craft of either reweaving strand cane one by one and/or applying a pre-woven sheet to replace damaged seats or backrest. "Rushing" is the craft of weaving either a natural or man made rush cord to a chair seat. (Cane is the peeled bark of the Rattan vine and Rush traditionally came from Bulrush or Cattail Rush which grows in slow water. Most Rush these days is either twined Hong Kong Sea Grass or man made Fiber Rush from craft paper because the original is either in protected habitat or just to darn hard to find and gather.) We also do custom color stain and finish matching to the original color. Minor or major repairs are no problem as well.

Contact: Paul Thibodeau
Email: citizen_cane @
Address: 16033 Bolsa Chica Street #104/611
Huntington Beach, Ca 92649
(714) 944-6846
(562) 217-7332

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