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Cabochons, "cheap and ostentatious since AS 14", We sell glass jewels with their sew-on metal settings, and metal decorations for garb, hand made and pre-made jewelry in silver and semi-precious stones, long striped stockings, hand painted silks, ceramic cookie stamps, votive images, and other art, art and miniatures, Tchipakkan's cookbooks and other booklets, (flax, candlewick, and other occasional SCA oriented items), services include portraits in oil and charcoal, in great and small, woodburning, jewelry repair, sign and other painting to order, more...

Contact: Arastorm and Aelfwyga, proprietors, mka Tchipakkan and Willow Taylor
Email: Tchipakkan @, Willowanderer @,
Address: Cabochons,
125 Pinnacle Road, Lyndeboro, NH 03082
cell 603-318-9166

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