The Jelling Dragon

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The Jelling Dragon

Roman, Viking & Medieval weapons & Armor. Viking costume, jewelry, leatherwork, feasting and accessories. Woodcraft: Turned wooden bowls and plates. Leather: Belts, pouches, containers, gauntlets. Clothing & Fabric: Linen & wool Viking clothes. Living history supplies for Vikings. Viking pottery. Cups and jars. Hand forged copies of Viking artifacts. Cloak pins, shears, knives, fire starters etc. Viking shoes, Viking games. Rivetted cauldrons. Armor & Weapons: Roman, Viking & Medieval swords. Viking axes, knives and spears. Viking and medieval helmets. Shield bosses.

Contact: Rob
Email: rob @
Address: Harstigen 11, 73931 Skinnskatteberg, Sweden
p: +46 (0)222 10149

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