Garments of the Past - Custom made Clothing

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Garments of the Past - Custom made Clothing

This site is dedicated to serving the Internet community with the history of garments worn in centuries past as well as a site that can provide information of how to recreate garments. I also provide seamstress services for those whom either do not have the time or experience to recreate an authentic looking garment. In the past I have always been amazed at the vast amount of information available in regards to garments worn by people of centuries past. Unfortunately while there is much information, many patterns used were either lost or were passed down verbally among families. My wish is to provide you with original patterns or garments specific to you needs. And of course there is nothing like a garment that is specifically made just for you.

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Address: 2855 Apalachee Pkwy #228, Tallahassee, FL 32301
Phone: 850-309-1250

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