Maison Rive

Maison Rive

Ready-made cloaks, clothing accessories, and glass "jewels" with sew-on settings. Custom work always possible. NO mail-order for most items. I sometimes have access to good, low-priced sheep's fleece. ($2.50 to $5.00/lb US). I've worked with historic fiber arts for 25 years- if you give me a time& place, I can tell you which of my fleece would be closest _in type and texture_ to their fleece. (The actual breed, usually not... Even the few ancient breeds still around have almost all been "improved" into something unrecognizable.) Clothing & Fabric Washable wool cloaks and hoods (seperate items. No capes with attatched hoods, except the thigh-length Pictish model.) Ladies', babies' and children's linen caps, biggins, Beguines, etc. No-sag chemises in "daccar" muslin (quite sheer.) Arab/crusader states tunics in cotton, off-and-on. Distressed goods knocked off cheap at Pennsic. Miscellaneous Glass jewels with sew-on settings. If I can't find an SCA period example of a setting or "jewel" color, I don't stock it. If your needs are general enough ("anything in garnet", for example) I'm willing to do mail-order on _these only_.

Email: honour @
Address: Phone: 1-603-924-4270

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