Class Act Fabrics (AKA Dragon's Magic)

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Class Act Fabrics (AKA Dragon's Magic)

Period appropriate silk, wool, linen and design appropriate manmade fiber fabrics; narrow and wide steel corset stays; period appropriate costuming books. I have several archeological find books as well as Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion, Davenport's and Bouchet's costume history books, and current fiber structure texts that I use to decide if a fabric could have been available in the 600 to 1650 time period. I also sell fabric that have surface design that resembles period fabrics. All of my fabric is marked as to fiber content, width and price. I teach classes in fiber identification and period fabrics at Pennsic and local scholas. I also have steel boning and costuming books for period clothing. I am in the process of creating a web site. I have merchanted at Pennsic for 10 years.

Contact: Linda Learn
Email: linda @
Address: P O Box 307 Tunkhannock, PA 18657-0307
Phone: (570) 836-2318
Fax: (570) 836-4442

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