Bohemond, Bootmaker and Cordwainer

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Bohemond, Bootmaker and Cordwainer

Handmade leather boots & shoes. Custom SCA Boots. (Good old generic, non mundane boots for all Periods.) Persian Boot, Cavalier Boot, Big Tall boots, Curled toed Boot with a middle eastern flair. Heavily based on Archeological digs with modern comfort. Historical knives every re-enactor can appreciate. Pouches, Leather medieval, bags, pouches, purses, satchels from historical examples. Viking and Anglo Saxon style drinking horns based on archeological digs. SCA Helms: Made with Sir Raymond the Quiet! In stock Anglo Saxon, Viking, and Vendel helms.

Contact: Sir Bohemond, mka., Michael J. Fine
Email: sirbohemond @
Address: Boots By Bohemond
Michael J. Fine
8116 Princess Jeanne Ave. N.E.
Albuquerque, NM 87110
505-293-9258 Not after 9:00pm please.

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