Kelischek Workshop for Historical Instruments

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Kelischek Workshop for Historical Instruments

Many kinds of instruments, kits, sheet music, and recordings. Crumhorns, Gemshorns, Hurdy-Gurdies, Kelhorns, LimberJacks, Ocarinas, Pennywhistles, Wide-Bore Recorders, Pentatonic Recorders, Reeds, Tabor-Pipes, Txistu, Folk Winds, Recorders, Strings, Sheet Music, Accessories The name comes from the Renaissance composer, publisher and musician Tielman Susato (1500-1562). He most likely came from the same area in Germany, (Soest in Westphalia) that much of the Kelischek family is from. In 1543 he founded the first music publishing house using movable music type in the Netherlands. He could be found in Antwerp, 'At the Sign of the Crumhorn', which is one of our favorite instruments. He published chansons, Dutch songs and motets by illustrious composers of his time. His dance arrangements and chanson anthologies are still used widely. Because he embodied entrepreneurship and passion for his art we named our product line and our music publishing operation (Susato Press) in his honour.

Email: susato @
Address: Kelhorn Corporation
199 Waldroup Road, Brasstown, NC 28902
Phone: 828-837-5833
USA & Canada toll free: 866-349-4778

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