Acanthus Books
Albion Arms and Armory
Argent Lupus
Blackwood Jewellery
Class Act Fabrics (AKA Dragon's Magic)
Francesco Sirene, Spicer
Gaita Medieval Music
Grannd Garb
Sir Guillaume
The Haunted Bookshop
Jared Kirby Historic Treatises and Manuals
Kelischek Workshop for Historical Instruments
Madrone Culinary Guild
Medieval Institute Publications
Ninya Mikhaila
Patricia of Leicester
Patterns of Time
Poison Pen Press
Raymond's Quiet Press
Renaissance Fabrics
Syke's Sutlering
Talbot's Fine Accessories
Tattershall Arms
Tudor Tailor
Woodland Archery

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You say "Thug!" like it's a bad thing.

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