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It's free. It's easy. It's a matter of two minutes of your time. Send me an email with some information and I will visit your website and check that it fits what I'm trying to achieve. If so, I'll add your information to the database. That's it.

With any or all the following information, as applicable:

  • Name of Business, Contact Name.
  • Website.
  • Contact Info: email, phone, mailing address.
  • Long Description.
  • Categories you think apply.

Email that to me, Alaxandr MacLochloinn, (  )
I'll visit your website and take a screenshot of the main page so people can see where they're going. In a few days, your entry will be live and hopefully generating business. To combat linkrot, I'll also link to a picture on your website -- if your website disappears, that image will also disappear. I can then contact you and follow up.


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